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Infant Room

At British Rose Nursery, your little one is in a safe, secure and engaging environment. Our infant room is a homely, welcoming environment allowing infants to feel safe and comfortable while in our care.
Open areas allow our youngest ones to explore and play with open ended resources sparking curiosity and supporting their development. Every day is busy with an endless amount of activities to keep each and every little one happy, engrossed and learning from the time they come in until they go home.


Toddler Room

Our energetic toddler room is dedicated to curious minds, quick legs, sticky fingers and lots of laughter. We provide open-ended materials, opportunities to choose, be heard and encourage independence. 



Busy hands and busy minds. Our Pre-FS classrooms are created for our 2.5-3 year old's in mind. Creative spaces, a stimulating environment and supported play, These areas enhance learning and development as children continue their learning journey.

Foundation Stage 1 and 2

Imagine this, a place for 3-5 year olds created just for them. A whole ELC just for them. A homely warm and welcoming environment just for them.

Well, we have it!  At British Rose Nursery we believe that the early years are the most crucial part of your child's life. They have their whole life for formal schooling and limited play. Allow your child the freedom to explore, play and grow with endless opportunities during this very short but important stage of development. British Rose Nursery supports children through the transition from FS1, FS2 into primary school.

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Your child will develop the skills and social competence to adapt in school which are nurtured within our early learning environments. Our areas have been created for our children. They have an expansive outdoor space - just for them! They have no time slots and limited play because our learning is incorporated through play with engaging child-led and adult-led activities. With reflection, documentation and democracy in our early learning centre, your child is valued, appreciated and heard. Always. 



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